Energy Modeling

What’s Energy Modeling?


Energy modeling for a building is a process of evaluating the building's energy use using computer-based tools. This simulates the building’s energy usage for an entire year of operation, taking into account changes in weather, building orientation, building materials, internal loads and operating hours.


The model can then lead design teams to better-informed design decisions that has the lowest impact to the environment. With building energy modeling, we can understand better; active and passive designs, thermal comfort, envelope design, materials – and how they interrelate to high performance outcomes even before the building is built.


Building Energy Modeling Services

We provide building energy modeling services as per ASHRAE 90.1 standard or local code requirements. Building Energy Modeling and Analysis can help you with the below:

  1. Evaluating Building Performance and how to increase energy efficiency.

  2. Identify passive design options: Comparing multiple design options and how they affect thermal comfort for its occupants.

  3. Sizing of Active Systems – Full Cooling Load Calculation instead of rule of thumbs, have an accurate understanding of how much cooling your building needs, saving you up front cost on equipment and energy cost in the long run.

  4. Materials selection – Assessing type of materials that are better for the built environment. Have a building product that is better for the environment? Talk to us on how to prove it with a computer model.

  5. Daylight simulation – Can’t decide amount of windows your space needs or how much shading suffice? Let a computer model guide you.

  6. Simple Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) – Using computer simulation, learn how air flows in and around the building affects the distribution of heat.

  7. Potential for renewable energy - Understanding the full potential for sustainable strategies – and in return calculate your return of investments (ROI).

  8. Green certification compliance energy modeling support - In the middle of green building certification and don’t have time to build a model? Talk to us on how this service is ideal for organizations that prefer not to undertake energy modeling.


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